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Our Story

From the small Alpine Village of Helen, GA in the North Georgia Mountains, Crafty Mountain Candle Co. is a unique, customer-oriented, 100% all-handmade candle company using natural ingredients.

Crafty Mountain Candle Co. is owned and managed by The Schingeck family (Ryan, Maria, lil' Sophia & Ryder, and even... Spunky the dog too!)

It all started with a fun decorative Christmas candle Miss Maria created for the holidays and blossomed into a home-based business and a new found passion.

Fresh out of the North Georgia Mountains, Maria is not only busy raising kids (and a young crazy pup), but also putting her creativity into practice producing 100% handmade, all-natural candles for Crafty Mountain Candle Co. using 100% SOY Wax.




After dedicating an entire year switching from Paraffin waxes to Palm Wax and NOW 100% SOY WAX-PARAFFIN FREE, Maria has found her speciality... She has become quite the candle nerd, putting in hundreds of hours discovering such secrets as:

-the perfect fragrance to wax ratio

-the highest quality wicks to use with Soy wax pillar and container candles for best scent throw, burn, and ominous glow

-the absolute best mixing temperatures

-the most spectacular scents to use

Among other things, Maria enjoys spending her free time perfecting her craft in the ways of Asian candle making.


Not only will you receive a really really really awesome candle... but you will also get:

-a candle that lasts incredibly long (we've tested and found that our candles can last up to a hundred hours)

-a savory scent throw (and we have lots of them!)... your house will always smell amazing

-a handcrafted work of art that will be a hit at your next house gathering

-a completely safe and all-natural candle using raw palm wax extracted from the fruit of palm trees

-the great feeling of supporting small business that genuinely cares about you