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Article: Give her candles. You'll be glad you did.

Give her candles. You'll be glad you did.

Give her candles. You'll be glad you did.

The perfect gift for your woman sets you apart. It not only shows how much you love her, but actually “get” her. That’s all she really wants for her Birthday, Anniversary or Holidays.

Surprise her with something unique this time and show her you "get" her. Flowers are good and don’t get me wrong, she will absolutely love them but flowers are cliche and they only last so long. 

Something new to surprise her every now and then will warm her heart and feed her soul.

For years, candles were my go to gift for the women in my family. As a guy, I didn’t fully understand why women love them so much. After all, myself, as a clueless guy, candles don’t have the same kind of affect on me. I never “got it”.

But seriously guys, it was easy and I didn't even have to overthink it. Candles made the perfect gift! Candles were always well received on Christmas morning, while at the same time I looked like I understood, even though I didn't.

But after working with my Wife, (the lovely candle-making 'Ninja' Maria), on Crafty Mountain Candle Co. there were dozens of books to read, blog posts to digest and ample Reddit threads to get that point across.

In the end, I can create and run a website, photograph products, write a blog, do some advertising, and build a business, but honestly, I don’t know the first thing about candles (at-least I didn't until now).

Did you know that scents, specific scents, personalized to the individual can actually trigger specific emotions, moods and good memories?

The other day I smelled a candle my wife was making and it instantly transported me back to the days of going to the nursery with my family, as a child and smelling all the flowers. To some it may seem silly, but in all honesty, it made me feel good, real good.

And I got it... my Wife loves to smell Roses or the Earthy scents relating back to her days in the Middle East. It brings her back to memories of the days she spent with her family and the much simpler moments in life.

The emotions she had attached to those memories were so strong it made her slightly cry.

It’s not just the scent either, the lighting adds to the ambience, it promotes comfort, coziness and peace. Coupled together with the accent lighting and amazing scents that trigger good moods, candles are literally a woman’s best friend. Bonus NoteThis is why candles always add to the romance.

At Crafty Mountain Candle Co. we get it, however, anyone can mix in a little scent, add a wick and have a decent candle. We take our process a step further.

Decoration is a very important part in a woman’s space. I can’t even count the number of times I had to tell my wife to stop buying decorations for the house when we needed to pay off student loans. To her it was extremely important, it made her feel good, it gave her joy. To me it didn’t make any sense.

At the same time, I loved working with wood and power tools and she didn’t understand that. Putting myself in her shoes, I understood that sometimes we just don’t understand, but we should listen and when it really matters use that to surprise her with something special.

Maria crafts our candles specifically to transport the mind and make each experience unique and special. We have numerous candles molded after various desserts, bringing nature indoors and many other creations as our imagination runs wild.

We don't just pride ourselves on how amazing our candles throw scent (seriously, just read our reviews), but we create each and every candle as a work of art.

For her birthday, Mother’s Day, your anniversary try something different, let us help you buy something unique today... or better yet message us and we’ll work with you to create an even more personalized candle and/or gift box just for her. 

Whether it's a dessert candle or personalized candle for your anniversary, her Birthday, retirement, Christmas, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day or Graduation, believe me you'll be happy to see her reaction when she opens it.


Ryan Schingeck

Co-Founder of Crafty Mountain Candle Co.

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